Turn your iPad, Kindle Fire or Nexus 7 into a hardcover book.

Now this is a simple but nice idea. Use classic book covers as the case for your iPad, Kindle Fire or Nexus 7.

Classic book cover as an e-reader case

The Wizard of Oz with Kindle Fire

The cases from Out of Print, made by the oldest bookbinder in the U.S. look, feel and wear like an actual book. Inside the case, the eBook device is well-protected by a form-fitting cradle and has been designed to allow for easy access to all important buttons and ports.

e-reader book covers available

The titles available at launch

These fantastic looking cases (which would make a great gift idea for those of us with limited imagination when it comes to that sort of thing) should be available soon.

Nest – The Learning (and good looking) Thermostat

I’m sure many of you will already be aware of Nest, the stylish thermostat designed by Nest Labs, which was founded by Apple designer Tony Fadell. If you’re not you’re probably wondering why I used the words ‘stylish’ and ‘thermostat’ in such close proximity.

Well it’s true. Nest actually is a good looking thermostat. And it works well too. Otherwise Apple wouldn’t be prepared to sell Nest in it’s stores alongside their own Apple products.

Nest - The Learning Thermostat

Net is the beautifully designed thermostat that learns in order to save you money

Even if you were aware of Nest and its sleek design you might not have been aware of the ability of Nest to learn how you use your heating and to help you save energy, and therefore money, through its combination of sensors and alorithms. It even lets you monitor usage and energy saved, and even control your thermostat, over the web or through the associated app.

Oh, and it will keep an eye on the weather forecast for you, just in case.

I won’t say much more as it’s all explained far more clearly that I ever could over on the nicely designed Nest website.

Alva – The Edison Style LED Lightbulb Lamp

There’s been something of a resurgence of traditional style light bulbs lately, all adding a modern take on an old and familiar design. We’ve already taken a look at the Glühbirne LED Nature Bulb, with its unique design and focus on energy efficiency.

Luke Anderson, a designer and sculptor from the US, is looking at things from a slightly different angle. He is seeking funding on Kickstarter.com for his design, Alva – The Light bulb Lamp.

Edison style LED lamp

Alva – The lightbulb lamp

LED technology is being used in his representation of the classic Edison style light bulb, but this time in the form of a lamp.

The aim has been to capture the beauty of those classic bulbs whilst tempering the pure brightness of the filament. This allows for enough light for reading, but is not too bright to look at.

Which is a good thing as, judging by the pictures, this lamp, with its artist made glass bulb and base made by an expert ceramicist, is something that should be looked at.

The LED bulb is designed to last for years but can be easily replaced when needed.

As this project has more than matched its funding aim on Kickstarter, with weeks still to go, it would appear this atmospheric design piece is going to be in demand.

Simple minimalist kitchen and shelving system – Meccanica

Meccanica is a minimalist line of storage and kitchen units designed by Valcucine. With a nod to Dieter Rams’ 606 Universal Shelving System, the simplistic and sleek design of Meccanica is satisfyingly stylish rather than contemporary.

Meccanica minimalist design shelving

 The system is incredibly customisable. Door types of wood, metal and covered with removable fabric, come in a range of colours and, if you have your own personal request, can be laquered accordingly. 

meccanica minimalist design kitchen


If you did ever tire of the units the designers make a big deal of the ease at which the system can be dismantled and be almost entirely recyclable or reusable. In fact Valcucine guarantee to take the units back at the end of their life to eliminate waste.

Meccanica minimalist kitchen

Meccanica minimalist kitchen

Of course, I’m sure offering to take back units which are reusable has additional benefits for Valcucine.

Looking for contemporary posters or art prints?

If you’re looking for something a little special to fill that void on your wall then maybe Poster Cabaret is the place for you?

Design poster and art prints from Poster Cabaret

Design poster and art prints from Poster Cabaret

Poster Cabaret specialise on modern concert posters and art prints.

They currently have over 2000 gig posters and art prints available, and with new posters and prints being added every week there’s a good chance you’ll find something that will make that wall void a stylish focal point.

Another beautiful poster art available at Poster Cabaret

Another beautiful poster art available at Poster Cabaret

Their simple, clean website makes browsing for a poster an easy and enjoyable experience. Even if you’re not looking for a poster right now have a look and you might just change your mind.